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ᴍɪᴄʜαєℓα — 20. Female. Canada.
I'm a Web Developer striving to become healthy. I need to do something if my career involves me to sit down at a computer all day, right? My ultimate goal is to be healthy so when my time comes to have child(ren), I can lead by example and show them that being healthy brings more to the plate than just fruits and veggies.

SW: 195lbs | CW: 190lbs
UGW: 160lbs
Height: 5'6"



Sorry I’ve been inactive but I’m going through a hectic time with moving to a whole new process very soon and getting a job and graduating!

Anyways, onto the very important message, I’ve just got a large sum of money from Provincial Payment Canada and I’m unsure where it came from. Last year I got about 125$ and called every place I could think of and asked where else I could call when I talked to them. I also went to the bank and asked but no one had a clue.

My aunt believes it is Canada Revenue for low income people or something like that. I’m just wondering whether anyone actually knows FOR SURE what it is?



I think everyone in the world that tries to lose weight should get a tumblr.
You seriously learn so much.
And you also learn that carbs are not the devil.
I can’t even tell you how much I hear, “I’m cutting out carbs I’m gonna be so healthy.” And I’m over here shoving a whole wheat wrap into my mouth and being like, yuuuuuummmmmmm energy.

^ This

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I’m growing my eyebrows out…

And they look fucking horrible as of now. Like gross. And eyebrows either make or break you and right now they certainly break me.

In junior high my bestfriend tweezed my eyebrows. She was so good at doing her own that I thought she could do mine too… but she did them like hers which are thin and fit her. Not me.

So I’ve been stuck with them for years and must grow them out!

Anyone have any tips for growing back eyebrows faster?


I’m a little bit slow on updating this blog all the time…

But don’t worry, I’m still going. It’s not that hard for me to eat healthy, although if I do treat myself I do find it hard to not treat myself all of the time. These past few days have consisted of chips being consumed and a piece of pizza being eaten but every other meal is always healthy. Which is more than I can say for my past meals!

Still going strong :)